Stop what you’re doing and go to the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

Last week amounted to the best pre-quals vacation a body could hope for. The property’s view and food (per below) were tremendous; I still managed to read Harvey, Habermas, and Lynch; and Colin and I met the loveliest primito-anarchist family in, well, ever. Actually, I’d like to clarify. I imagine they’d have been the loveliest family in ever, political philosophy notwithstanding. They were just that much greater for it. Who else is going to take you on forest hikes to forage for edible plants (wood sorrel, you vixen) and show you how to weave a basket out of English ivy? Nobody.

I miss Big Sur.

UPDATE: I just realized I should have included a link to the Henry Miller Memorial Library. Because its uniqueness warrants your attention.

Our view from the deck and our bounty from our lovely hosts’ garden. Photo by Brettany Shannon.


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