Frankel , F. (2007). Image, Meaning, and Discovery. In _Media Art Histories_, O. Grau, ed. Cambridge and London: The MIT Press.

Felice Frankel, science photographer, is a Senior Research Fellow in Harvard’s Initiative in Innovative Computing (IIC), as well as a part-time research scientist in MIT’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering. She collaborates with scientists and engineers to create images for journal submissions, presentations, and publications for general audiences, and she writes regularly on the importance of visual thinking in science and engineering.

Frankel’s position is straightforward, but important. We need a “more accessible visual language” for people to understand the difficult intricacies of science–or planning. Frankel submits the image is the artist in artistic imagery (a trope I don’t like in general, but I’ll let it slide), whereas scientific imagery must be representative and an objective translation.


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