Varnelis, K. and Friedberg, A. (2008). Place: The Networking of Public Space.In _Networked Publics_, K. Varnelis, ed. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Anne Friedberg, PhD, Cinema Studies from NYU, was Chair of the Critical Studies Division in the School of Cinematic Arts at USC and President-elect of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. She was instrumental in creating the Visual Studies Graduate Certificate and the Media Arts and Practice PhD program. In 2009, she was named an Academy Scholar by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Varnelis and Friedberg explain the spatiality of the Net: a quotidian superimposition of authentic and virtual spaces, the formation of a movable sense of place, the rise of popular virtual dimensions, emergence of the network as a socio-spatial model, and expanding mapping and tracking technologies. All of them are not solely technical but “thoroughly imbricated in culture, society, and politics” (15). This isn’t a normative good — there are tensions. “With connection there is also disconnection, and networks can consolidate power in the very act of dispersing it” (15).

“Place, it seems, is far from a source of stability in our lives, bur rather, once again, is in a process of a deep and contested transformation” (39).


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