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A grateful farewell to IML 500…that also reads as some Burnett-based kvetching

The last four and a half weeks whizzed by. In the process we learned Photoshop, Premier, and (behold!) WordPress. I thank our Professors Holly Willis and Vicki Callahan, my classmates, and the hired guns at Lynda.com. For what it’s worth, I consider Photoshop to be the hardest. I realize many of the terms borrow from photography, but the application of said terms? I’m not so sure. But I’ll not decry the Photoshop! I have too much fun using it to make this blog’s headers. So much so that I worry about future procrastination projects, wherein I toil away at making 770 x 200 images just so when I ought to be writing up on Out the Window, or even transferring and tagging (hurray, tags!) my annotated bibliographies. As Burnett (2005) says, our archives look differently now. The role of the image extends beyond mere illustration. Images are now the central actors in archives, providing “visualizations of thinking, feeling, seeing, and knowing” (77).

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