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Ann Markusen on Createquity.com: “Fuzzy Concepts, Proxy Data: Why Indicators Won’t Track Creative Placemaking Success”

Last weekend I had the great honor and pleasure of presenting our Out the Window findings and meeting (!) Ann Markusen, the leading scholar in creative placemaking. To call Markusen’s work incisive, trailblazing, and deeply relevant is akin to calling the sun orangeish and warmish. It was a blast. Imagine my sheer delight when she liked, then asked to cite, said research! At the risk of losing all academic credibility, I say, “Wheee!”

But seriously. Please do yourself and your mind a great favor, and read Markusen’s latest blog post, which confronts and challenges assumptions made in the name of evaluating creative placemaking projects. All the better, she includes links to other research projects she’s done, all of which belong in your e-library. Enjoy!

via Fuzzy Concepts, Proxy Data: Why Indicators Won’t Track Creative Placemaking Success | Createquity.


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