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Friends of mine are in Berlin for a couple months.

This picture is in their honor. Of course, the Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin isn’t there anymore, but that’s not the point. The point is their honor.

Also, it does jibe well with a major theme from this summer’s readings: time. Photography “resists time” (Burnett, 2007) and rather than save some things, save things to say something (Lynch, 1972).

However, in this case, Berlin’s opted to create a small replica of what had been there before the Kunstalle’s socialism-tinged, bowling-alleyed, discotequed, and allegedly asbestos-laced predecessor, Palast der Republik: the Stadtschloss-Berlin. Only, and this is very important, the new Stadtschlosse will not  be a complete replica. Only the façades will be reproductions, the interior will be contemporary. It won’t be a castle, rather a museum. And the Federal Parliament isn’t paying (the Federal Parliament does not build castles), it’s privately funded.

This ill-conceived, protracted, neoliberal creative-city project says something, to be sure, but not much is flattering.

From inside the Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin to the Fernsehturm, March 2009. Photo by Brettany Shannon.


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