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Daniel, S. (2011). Collaborative Systems: Redefining Public Art. In _Context Providers_, M. Lovejoy, C. Paul, and V. Vesna, eds. Bristol and Chicago: intellect.

Social justice advocate-artist, Sharon Daniel creates and utilizes information and communication technologies. She is a Professor of Film and Digital Media and Chair of the Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she teaches digital media theory and practice. She produces “new media documentaries,” online archives and interfaces that make available the stories of the underserved across social, cultural, and economic lines.

Context provision is a political public art practice. In it, artists avoid representation and instead provide tools for the articulation of self.

“Theorizing and storytelling, together, constitute an intervention and a refusal to accept reality as it is right now. Borders are crossed in this intervention–when, through both speaking and hearing, we become and disappear” (83).

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